DOGust: Celebrating Every Shelter Dog’s Special Day

DOGust: Celebrating Every Shelter Dog’s Special Day

Have you ever stopped to wonder when your rescue dog’s real birthday might be? For those of us with rescue pups, this question may have crossed our minds. We'd love to throw them a proper party on their special day, but often, their exact birthdays are unknown. That's where DOGust comes in!

DOGust, celebrated on August 1st, has been officially declared the universal birthday for all shelter and rescue dogs whose actual birthdays remain a mystery. It's a day to pause and appreciate these wonderful canines who've faced adversity yet still wag their tails with joy and unconditional love.

This DOGust, we at Bathbury invite you to join us in celebrating these four-legged wonders. Treat your pooch to a special doggy treat, take them out for an extra long walk, or let them indulge in some fun "dirty dog" activities before a refreshing bath. It's their special day, after all!

On DOGust, we also take a moment to express our gratitude to all the shelters and rescues who tirelessly work towards providing these dogs with a second chance at life. These incredible organizations offer the essential care and love that every dog deserves, often turning despondent pups into joyful companions ready to find their forever homes.

So, let's celebrate DOGust - the special birthday for our remarkable rescue dogs. They might not know the significance of this day, but they'll surely appreciate the extra belly rubs and cuddles!

And remember, every dog deserves a loving home. If you are considering welcoming a new furry member into your family, visit your local shelter or rescue. You never know, you might meet your new best friend.

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