Bathbury's Community Calendar Coming Soon!

Bathbury's Community Calendar Coming Soon!

Hello to our wonderful Bathbury community!

We've always believed that the bond between humans and their dogs is unparalleled. Dogs are more than just pets; they're our confidants, our cheerleaders, and our best friends. Over the years, we've also come to realize that this bond isn't just between you and your dog. It's also shared among a community of dog lovers and enthusiasts.

That's why we're absolutely thrilled to hint at a project we've been working on – Bathbury's Community Calendar!

Our mission with this calendar is simple but profound: We want to foster a sense of belonging and shared experiences within our community. A space where everyone can come together to celebrate the ups, support each other through the downs, and revel in the everyday moments we share with our furry friends.

While we don’t want to give away too much just yet, here's a sneak peek into what you can possibly expect:

  • 'Live Fully' Days: Special days where we encourage you to try something new with your dog, be it an extended play session or a picnic in the park.
  • Community Cleanup Walks: Combine the fun of a dog walk with the satisfaction of giving back to our environment.
  • Interactive Challenges: Show off your best doggy moments and stand a chance to win some exciting goodies!
  • Advocacy Days: Dedicate days to spread awareness about various causes like animal rescues or collaborate with local shelters and organizations

And so much more!

Keep your eyes on this space for more updates and details. We're so excited to embark on this journey and create a tapestry of shared memories and moments with all of you.

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